Congestive Heart Failure 心臟衰竭


The United States has about 550,000 new cases related to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) each year, and about 1 in every 5 people die within the year. People at an age of 40 years and over have a higher risk to develop CHF. People with condition such as hypertension, diabetes, and coronary heart disease are significantly in a risk to cause heart failure. CHF is when the heart is unable to pump blood at a normal rate, which affects the heart to deliver enough blood, oxygen, and nutrients to support the need for the body.  The common symptoms are shortness of breath and having trouble breathing

美國每年約有550,00關於心臟衰竭的新案例,而大約每5個人當中就有1個人死亡。40歲以上的人有較高的風險患上心臟衰竭。患有高血壓,糖尿病和冠狀動脈心臟疾病等病症的人會有更高的風險患有心臟衰竭.  心臟衰竭指是心臟無法以正常速度泵出血 液,令心臟無法輸出足夠的血液,氧氣和營 養去支持身體的需要。 常見的症狀是呼吸急促和呼吸困難。