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Healthy kid is the idea of helping children to eat and live healthier, thereby improving the quality of life. Admittedly, nutritious foods play an important role in the development and growth of children, and influence the overall health statues in future life. For instances, the low intake of fruit and vegetable is closely associated with the increase of risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In order to ensure children have sufficient resource to grow, healthy kid guide families to give children have adequate exercise and proportionate share of nutrition in the diet.


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預防兒童2型糖尿病 Type 2 Diabetes Prevention in Children (中文/English)

飲食鹽量限制是預防糖尿病的一部份 Dietary Salt Restrictions (中文/English)

特定年龄组的成长指南(牙科,营养,安全和健康/Growth guide for specific age groups (Dental, Nutrition, Safety, and Health):

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