Men's Health 男性健康

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Men’s health is the general state of physics, mental and social health in men. Some diseases are only affected by male sex hormones or sexual structures, but are less concerned and discussed than women’s health, for instances benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis and prostate cancer. Along with the growth of age, the imbalance of androgen and estrogen can induce the prostate gland enlargement, leading to prostate diseases, and even dysuria or infertility. Drugs and surgery can control most of these diseases, but understanding how to prevent and reduce the risk of illness is much more important. Diet and age are the risk factors for prostate problem in men, so dietary changes and regular check ups are an effective way to maintain men’s health.

男性健康是指男性在物理,精神和社會上的總體健康狀態。一些疾病只受男性性激素或性結構的影響,但在社會上比較少關心和討論,例如良性前列腺增生(BPH),前列腺炎和前列腺癌。 隨著年齡的增長,雄激素和雌激素的不平衡可以誘發前列腺腫大,導致前列腺疾病,甚至排尿困難或不育。大部分的這些疾病可以受藥物和手術的控制,但了解如何預防和減少患上疾病的風險更為重要。飲食和年齡是男性前列腺疾病的危險因素,所以均衡飲食和定期檢查是保持男性健康的有效方法。

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