Nutrition 營養與食物




Nutrition is the foundation of health. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates once said to let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Optimally replenishing the body through the right nutrients from food and drink is important to our body’s metabolism.  This nutrition page offers nutrition content from AAMG as well as content from other reputable sources。

Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates


蛋白質在維持身體健康方面起著重要作用。 它建立和修復身體組織,製造酶和激素調節細胞或器官的活動,並支持免疫系統, 和提供能量給身體。 另外,選擇不含大量飽和脂肪的高質量蛋白質和膳食中有多種蛋白質的選擇也是很重要的。

Protein plays an important role in maintaining good health. It builds and repairs body tissue, make enzyme and hormones for regulating the activity of cell or organs, and support the immune system and provide energy to the body. In addition, it is significant to choose the high quality protein that does not contain a lot of saturated fat and very the choice of protein in the meals. 

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