Osteoporosis 骨質疏鬆

Osteoporosis is a condition of low bone mass and loss of bone architecture which leading to fragile and weak bone. The cause of this disease is closely related to the lifestyle choice, such as the inadequate calcium consumption and inactivity can increase of risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis could be a life-threatening.  Bone Density Test (DEXA) is recommend to all women over 65 years old or women at risk for having bone loss or fractures. The results of the test help doctor find appropriate treatment to reduce bone loss and prevent fractures. Talk to your doctor about the test and your risks of having osteoporosis.

骨質疏鬆症是一種低骨質量和骨結柿的情況,導致骨骼變得脆弱。 這種疾病的病因與生活方式的選擇密切相關,例如鈣攝入量不足和缺乏運動會增加骨質疏鬆症的風險。 骨質疏鬆症可能是一個危及生命的問題,因為它能導致永久性疼痛, 和大大增加跌倒和骨折的發生。建議所有65歲以上的婦女或有骨質丟失或骨折風險的婦女進行骨密度試驗 (DEXA)。試驗結果有助於醫生找到適當的治療方法, 以減少骨質流失和預防骨折。和你的醫生談談你患骨質疏鬆症的測試和風險

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