AAMG is committed to ensuring compliance with health care industry standards and regulations. We provide trainings to our providers in preventing, detecting, reporting, and correcting non-compliant practices. Network providers are required to complete and attest to having reviewed and completed all of the following trainings on an annual basis:

Having completed the above trainings, please complete a Compliance Training Attestation form and return it to our Provider Relations Department.

Download an AAMG Compliance Training Attestation Form

AAMG has adopted CCHCA Compliance & Training materials. The Compliance Handbook and Policies are available to you for reference below:

CCHCA Compliance Handbook & Policies

AAMG ensures that utilization management decision-making is strictly based on the appropriateness of care, service, and patients’ individual medical benefits. AAMG does not offer incentives for individuals, staff, or practitioners for issuing denials of coverage, services, or care resulting in under-utilization.

If you suspect instances of non-compliance, you may contact our confidential Compliance Hotline at (415) 216-0095 to file a report.