Weight Management 體重管理

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保持健康的體重可能是具有挑戰性的,因為我們 經常久坐和過度攝入加工的食物。 然而,如果我們改變 生活方式,例如吃營養食物和安排運動,我們可以實現更健康的體重。 這個體重管理網頁提供AAMG的教育內容和其他教育內容。

沒有計劃的目標只是一個願望 -Larry Elder

Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging because of our general sedentary lifestyle and processed food intake. However, if we maintain a healthier lifestyle such as eating nutritious foods and scheduling for exercise, reaching a healthier weight can be accomplished. This weight management page offers educational contents from AAMG and contents from other reputable sources。

A goal without a plan is just a wish – Larry Elder

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