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AAMG is a progressive, physician led multi-specialty medical group, devoted to providing the highest quality health care to its patients. With more than 120 physicians, AAMG serves majority of the Asian population in the San Francisco county. AAMG provides the people of San Francisco with quality service and culturally competent health care through our network of highly skilled physicians. We have conveniently located physicians available in a full range of medical and surgical specialties.

Live support in person - AAMG understands the importance and value of face-to-face interactions. You can visit us at our San Francisco, Chinatown location at 827 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133.



CHOICE MATTERS! Use our online directory to find a physician that's right for you...



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As part of our mission, AAMG works with and supports several organizations that strive for the improvement of public health.


Choosing a medical group that fits your needs is essential in receiving quality health care. AAMG offers our members and the community some of the most comprehensive and culturally sensitive health care providers in the San Francisco Bay Area – through a network of primary care physicians and specialists.

Quality Service

Medical groups are networks of physicians that share an organized system of delivering care to a health plan's members. AAMG is not a health insurance company or HMO. Members of AAMG are eligible for additional services that support their well-being. In addition to the value-added programs available through your health plan, the following services are also available to our members:

  • Live support over the phone - AAMG's Member Relations Department is proud to be able to provide assistance in connecting you with live support when you need help with your healthcare. We can also assist you if you want to learn more about healthcare that fit your needs. Call us today at (415) 590-7418 to speak to one of our Member Relations representatives.

  • Live support in person - AAMG understands the importance and value of face-to-face interactions. You can visit us at our San Francisco, Chinatown location at 827 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133.

Easy Access to Specialists

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) within AAMG's network may refer patients to specialists without having to obtain prior authorization from their respective health plans. Physician Directories are available upon request. You may also find a complete listing of network physicians under "Find my Physician."

How to Become a Member of AAMG

  • When you enroll in your health plan
    If you are signing up in a health plan or going through the annual open-enrollment process with your employer, you may simply select AAMG as your "Medical Group" on your health coverage enrollment form. AAMG is currently contracted with the health plans listed under our "Health Plans" page. If you plan to become or are currently enrolled in one of our contracted health plans, you may be eligible to become our member. Please contact your health plan for more information.

  • Switching to AAMG if you are already enrolled with a health plan
    If you are currently under one of our contracted health plans, and would like to become a AAMG member, you may contact your health plan's customer service department (phone number printed on your insurance card) to see if you are eligible to select AAMG as your "Medical Group." When changing your medical group to AAMG, you may be required to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) that is within AAMG's network of physicians. A complete listing of available PCPs is available under our "Find my Physician" tab above.