Women's Health 女性健康

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Women’s health refers to the overall health of women that is affected by physiological variable. In recent years, endometrial and cervical cancer have become the most common cancer in women, which has aroused much public concern about gynecological health. Virtually, hormones have a great impact on women’s health, such as the female sex hormone, estrogen and progesterone. They can influence the reproductive and sexual health of women in the period of menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. According to changes in endocrine system, the risk of gynecological diseases increases with age. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage women to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have regular Pap tests and HPV testing to ensure the health of uterus.

婦女健康是指受生理轉變而影響的整體健康狀況。近年來,子宮內膜癌和子宮頸癌已成為婦女最常見的癌症,引起了社會各界對婦科健康的廣泛關注。實際上,荷爾蒙對女性健康影響很大,例如女性荷爾蒙,雌激素和孕激素。它們可以影響婦女在月經期,懷孕期和絕經期的生殖和性健康。 根據內分泌系統的變化,婦科疾病的風險隨著年齡的增長而增加。因此,有必要鼓勵婦女保持健康的生活方式,定期做巴氏檢查和HPV檢測,以確證保子宮健康。

Breast Cancer Screening
Breast cancer is a second leading cancer occurs among women. Each year, the United States has about 40,000 women die from breast cancer and about 200,000 women screen to have breast cancer. It is important for women to take a screening examination to prevent and lower the risk to cause breast cancer.

乳腺癌是女性第二大的癌症疾病。 美國每年約有4萬名女性因乳腺癌而死亡,約有20萬名女性透過篩選測試發現患有乳腺癌。對於婦女進行篩選測試可以預防和降低乳腺癌的風險。